O! My Genesis for PlayStation VR Released Today

Today, Oct. 13, 2016 XPEC Entertainment (stock code 3662) announced the release of O! My Genesis. The title launched simultaneously with PlayStation VR and of the 31 PSVR titles released in Taiwan, O! My Genesis was the only game created by a Taiwanese development team!

O! My Genesis is a unique game expressly designed for VR. Players play as the powerful creator of the universe, and use their own hands to help creatures progress on different planets. Naturally, it is not easy to be the creator of the universe; while players use their powers to help the little creatures to complete missions and develop their civilization, they must also defend their followers against cataclysms such as meteorites, dinosaurs, or poisonous plants. If the attackers prevail, the effects on the planet will be devastating. O! My Genesis VR was displayed in its entirety at the Tokyo Game Show last month, and attracted lines of players to play a trial. Additionally, other companies came to XPEC’s booth in order to experience the game. Players praised O! My Genesis VR for its creative gameplay and performance.

O! My Genesis VR has been released in tandem with the PS VR in Taiwan, and has since been released in Japan, Europe, North America, and Korea. The game costs 99NTD (3USD) in Taiwan, and includes a tutorial planet as well as the first planet-chapter. More planets with different themes will be available as DLC for players to purchase and experience in the future.

Operations and product R&D are business as usual at XPEC, who refuse to rest on its laurels. In addition to O! My Genesis, the epic RPG Final Fantasy XV, which XPEC developed jointly with Square Enix is set for release on November 29th, 2016, Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, developed from Koei Tecmo’s original IP and distributed by Nexon, is also set for formal release next year. XPEC has never ceased developing games, nor have international orders ever slowed. In the future, XPEC will continue to flex its development muscles and produce exemplary products.