Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Named As Must-Play Game at G-Star

2016’s G-Star Global Gaming Exhibition formally opened yesterday, November 17th, in Busan, Korea. XPEC Entertainment’s new Executive Officer Jean-Marc Morel headed business and developers delegation to the exhibition. In addition to the customary BTB (business to business) booth, XPEC had an additional focal point this year: the announcement of Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, a mobile game based on Koei Tecmo’s original IP.
Korea’s Nexon has been named the global distributor for Dynasty Warriors Unleashed in all countries outside Japan. Nexon, the largest company to participate in G-Star this year, is set to hold the first promotional events for Dynasty warriors unleashed.
The day before the exhibition, popular Korean gaming site “This Is Game” named Dynasty Warriors Unleashed one of the seven must play games at G-Star. This year, Nexon displayed 13 different mobile titles on 320 devices, and although 40 had Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, the number of devices was still insufficient to cope with the number of players who wanted to experience the game, leading to lines of people waiting to play. In addition to the game trial area, Nexon held several gaming competitions on stage where players competed for prizes of up to 1 million Won (27,000NTD, 845USD). XPEC invited two popular Taiwanese streamers to attend the event, live stream, and try the games in order to let Taiwanese viewers enjoy the event as well.
In addition to Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, Square Enix’s epic RPG Final Fantasy XV, co-developed with XPEC Entertainment and XPEC Art Center, is set to be released at the end of this month (Nov. 29th). On 13 October, XPEC also released O! My Genesis VR in Asia, Japan, Korea, North America, and Europe at the same time as the Sony PlayStation VR, for which the first wave of DLC will be available in Asia and Japan starting next week. XPEC announced there will be even more product announcements and releases next year. Overall, game development and operations are looking good for 2017 at XPEC!