XPEC is surrounded by an enjoyable natural habitat exclusively at Xindian area

Occupying a vast office space, the open environment and spacious building marks an ideal location that inspires creativity

We work hard, and enjoy life to the fullest
Festive celebrations
Sports event
Cinema appreciation
Creativity event and idea submission
Gaming competition / E-sports
Employee outing
When we say we care, we mean it. Here key benefits XPEC employees are entitled to:
  • Competitive salary and offerings
  • Stock options
  • Annual Bonus: Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn and Dragon Boat Festival
  • Insurance coverage: labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance, accident insurance, occupational hazard insurance
  • Internal trainings: on-board, professional skill sets, management solution, annual training subsidy available through application
  • Leisure: domestic and foreign travels subsidies, complementary cinema appreciation tickets and massage services, other activities coordinated by Employee Benefit Committee
  • System: project-end bonuses, performance bonuses, comprehensive performance evaluation system, smooth and transparent promotion channels
  • Employee-focused work style: flexible office hours, paid leaves catered to female employee or parents
  • Subsidies: newly-weds, bereavement & memorial pay, parking subsidy, pension contribution
  • Additional XPEC-only perks: annual physical check-up, recognition for outstanding employees, corporate discount at exclusive hospitality venues