In addition to its primary focus on game development, XPEC Entertainment is also involved in a variety of commercial operations including product IP licensing, IP collaborative ventures and more. At the same time, XPEC has also participated in diverse entertainment and service related industry investments. Through these investments, XPEC hopes to share the fun and joy from gaming world, with the general public.

Exclusive IP Licensing
IP licensing, as the core of “pan-entertainment” concept, has been a popular topic of discussion in recent years. The truth is, licensing for game IP has also seen diversified operation in recent years. As XPEC Entertainment is in possession of several exclusive IPs, we are in the position to take part in diverse licensing alliances such as oversea game operation licensing, IP collaboration with other industries and commercialization of specific images and icons.
IP Hunting and Collaborative Alliances
In addition to exclusive IP licensing, XPEC Entertainment continuously seek for IPs from around the world, with great potential for strategic alliances and collaboration. This encompasses different entertainment sectors, such as game development (i.e. Dynasty Warrior series), motion picture/animation production (i.e. The M Rider movie), food and beverage IP collaboration (LINE licensed dessert manufactured by E.G-Sain).
Cross-Industry Investment
XPEC has made several cross-industry investment in entertainment and service fields, including Juchen Production Limited (which produced the renowned teenage television series The M Rider), E.G-Sain (renowned dessert manufacturer) and Ikari Coffee (popular coffee chain store). Through entertainment video, premium food and beverages options, XPEC aim to deliver the same joyful moments found in games, to the general public.