We value teamwork
We pursue excellence
We are passionate and committed

These are the philosophies and standards we abide by for the vision and goals of XPEC

  • We have dreams that drive us to demonstrate passion for game development. We do not fear challenges, and refuse to give up easily.
  • We devote ourselves to work, vigorous and full of enthusiasm.
  • We stay curious about people, incidents in our surrounding, and keep our desire to learn.
  • We have positive attitude towards anything we encounter; overcoming challenges and difficulties.
  • We strive to create a work environment and atmosphere of positive interaction and cooperation.
  • Our personal passion and vitality helps us encourage each other.
  • We are committed to set challenging goals.
  • We are committed and strive to achieve the goals and missions established by the company, team, or ourselves.
  • We dare to commit because of prudent planning and consideration.
  • We strive to achieve goals and missions; we take upon ourselves the process and result.
  • Regardless of the challenges or difficulties we face, our determinations towards making great games remain unchanged.
  • We optimize the use of resources for efficiency and quality.
  • We demand ourselves to make continuous improvement and aim to excel with our very best in each challenge.
  • We seek for improved workflow and solution, not overlooking any opportunity to enhance quality.
  • We continuously create advantages for XPEC in the industry, and make games that go beyond players’ expectations.
  • We have common goals, and we are willing to give our best effort for the team to accomplish the task.
  • We trust each other as much as we want our teammates to trust us.
  • We understand everybody’s uniqueness, so we lay aside differences and show respect for each other for the pursuit of harmony.
  • We love to share ideas and experiences, recognize every team members’ contributions; together, the team becomes a strong unification with my participation.
  • We have dreams that drive us to show more passion for game development.
  • We strive to create a work environment and atmosphere of positive interaction and cooperation.
  • We are responsible of the tasks given to us, and are willing to share more responsibilities for the team.