XPEC Art Center (XAC) is the professional entity under XPEC Entertainment specialized in the design and the production of game related art content. XAC gather outstanding artistic talents recruited by XPEC and operates in three locations, including XPEC Art Center Kaohsiung, XPEC Art Center Taipei and XPEC Art Center (Shuzhou) Inc. In the past decade, XPEC Art Center has taken part in art production for various hit titles in the format of outsourced production and has received international recognition for the quality of its work.

Gen4 Art Development
XPEC Art Center takes pride for the art development of multiple AAA PS4 and XBOX ONE titles. The team assists clients to adopt the latest Gen4 development process, which expedites production process, effectively reduces the risk and cost of game development.
Incorporation of Holistic Services for Design and Production
XPEC Art Center works with clients via co-development. This encompasses initial art setting and design, character design and original background illustration, to vertically integrate different art asset, then achieve optimum visual effects. Each asset is designed and perfected by the best of the team, to deliver outstanding quality. Our artists have solid understandings for different game platforms and genre (consoles, mobile games, browser games, PC MMORPG). Artists are well-trained in 2D, 3D, UI, special effects or character motions. XPEC Art Center delivers the best game art production technologies and results for its clients.
Environment IntegrationEngine Incorporation
XPEC Art Center has extensive experiences with different game engines (Unreal, CryEngine, Unity) and equipped with dedicated staff for in-depth researching and exploring specific engine application. In addition, XPEC Art Center also have technical artists in charge of coding tools (plug-in, script, Mel script), vital for game development. Independent engine developments are offered for clients, during art production process; stunning in-game scenes are created for various AAA titles such as Hit Man, with client’s engine.
Art Asset Production
XPEC Art Center offers superb art production for assets, props, characters, NPCs and other contents that players may find in various game universes. Thanks to our professional game artists with their extensive knowledge of games and years of expertise in their line of work. We are not only capable of assisting clients to complete highly sophisticated and detailed game art, but also share our development experiences, in order to take the visual aspect of clients’ games to the next level of perfection.