Xiamen Tongbu Network Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 by Jun Xiong (Anson Xiong) (creator of the 91 Assistant app) with financial investments from Kai-Fu Lee (former CEO of Google China and founder of Innovation Works) and renowned angel investor Cai Wen-Sheng (Mike Cai).

Tongbu is primarily involved in the distribution of mobile applications and development of management applications for mobile devices. Its key products – Tongbutui and Tongbu Assistant, have been widely recommended by iOS users as must-have apps. Not only that, Tongbu is also one of China’s largest platforms for mobile application distribution and game operation. The company currently operates offices in Xiamen, Beijing, Fuzhou and Taipei. By recruiting the finest talents in China and Taiwan, Tongbu now has an impressive development team with international standard capabilities to compete in the global internet market

Official website:http://hr.tongbu.com/