About Us
BadBird is a team of passionate game developers who are bound to their mission of “never giving up before reaching their goal.” We come from different professional backgrounds around gaming, including production management, development, QA, SFX, art and localization and we all just love any form of game. Nevertheless, we share one common goal: create bestselling games that people just can’t stop playing.
Core Tasks
With more than 15 years of experience in game development under our belt, BadBird is committed to creating quality games for platforms including PS4, Xbox One, IOS, Android and so forth. By collaborating with the best partners in the business through joint-development, commissioned production and independent development, we have created outstanding games for consoles, web browsers, online games, next-gen consoles, mobile games, arcades and VR titles.
Strong Belief
BadBird is committed to the pursuit of excellence and pays painstaking attention to details. We have set no limit for ourselves as we strive to extend our reach to the international stage (Japan, China, USA and Europe). We believe that through constant innovation and breakthrough, BadBird shall continue to deliver impressive products and remain an active and influential player in the business.